Beyond the binary: Alisa Le

Beyond the binary is an imaginary gift set a new parent might receive during a baby shower or a similar celebration. Through subtle details and language, I wanted to show the potential future where children are raised gender-neutrally, allowing them to explore their gender identity on their […]

Gabriel Mitchell

Nes.0 Bot: Gabriel Mitchell

The Nes.0! In this short film I wanted to express my concerns about a future where the information of things and chat-bots merge. To the point where your everyday appliances might actually have a personality. A feature that actually might sound enticing at first glance. […]

Jeffrey Houng

A Biometric Future: Jeffrey Houng

“What happens when using biometric data for hyper-personalization becomes ubiquitous?” Presently, we have a huge prevalence of quantified self-monitoring and tracking steps, calories eaten, time spent sleeping, sitting, etc. As more functionality comes from monitoring biometrics, more people are willing to share their personal data […]

Brandon Kirkley

Fashion Tech: Brandon Kirkley

The animatic, in which someone living in the world of FashionTech denies the feelings that are clear on their chest. Made over the course of one week. In the future of FashionTech, fashions with wearable technology that show how they are feeling, designers have two […]

Catherine Zheng

Stasis: Catherine Zheng

With the rise of technology and the increased use of design within our current society, people have become more reliant on finding prescriptive solutions and faster results to alleviate any type of abnormal feelings, such as tiredness and stress, resulting in binary lives and warped […]

Ab Ovo: Julia Wong

In the future, extreme globalization gives birth to a new nation without geographical borders: Ab Ovo — where residents constantly move across designated zones around the world. In this increasingly globalized age, cities around the world are becoming more similar, and culture breaks free from geographical specificity. […]

Jillian Nelson

Lifeed: Jillian Nelson

The key purpose of Lifeed is to create a catalogue of everything you see and experience in order to use it as a way to document your life story for yourself, your descendants, and for those seeking to learn about the past in the far […]

Daniel Kison

Millennials Are Killing Everything: Daniel Kison

Four M.A.K.E. boxes, each with a customized photo and back-of-the box blurb. A description of the project with context. Transcript: It has become somewhat of an Internet trend for news and culture websites to claim that “millennials are killing x,” where “x” is anything from […]

Marko V: Kaleb Crawford

Marko V is a speculative fiction that explores future social media interactions at the intersection of conversational interfaces, automated text generation, and post-context-collapse. Told through four audio-vignettes, the story explores how Adrian’s use of a conversational writing assistant, Marko, amplify tensions in his social relationships […]

Vivian Qiu

ASHES.: Vivian Qiu

The reality that I’ve designed around faces the problem of processing the dead sustainably. It mirrors the trajectory of two fields today: food and cars. As sustainability inches towards the forefront of our minds, the market has accommodated. For food, eating sustainably is something only […]